The release of Nintendo Switch brings with it a new series of Nintendo Games – some awesome memories, and amazing games. We are going to pick out 5 of the best games, as it were.

Some of the games we are going to list were released one after another, and they were also a huge success.

4 Games that’ll make you buy Nintendo Switch!
4 Games that’ll make you buy Nintendo Switch!

We are going to assume (and hope) that these games will be back better with Nintendo Switch in 2017. The best games we think are:


This game makes you feel like you’re getting the maximum out of the Nintendo Switch. This game has given users the opportunity to bring most out their controllers, and play epic battles. So close to Mortal Kombat, it’s time to get wacky!

2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Fans of the original Mario Kart 8 will obviously find this title very attractive. With the addition of brand new players, this game is nothing like you’ve already played! We are not going to tell you a lot about this game, but trust us when we say this is going to be awesome!

3. Sonic Mania

Nintendo’s biggest strength in 2017 is to draw power from its retro titles. Remember having SEGA? Remember having a blue-hedgehog game that would swift around rolling, collecting coins? Yep, Sonic the Hedgehog in a single game is called Sonic Mania. This game will have pixels now! Many pixels!

4. Super Bomberman R

The most strategy-based game in the entire collection has to be Super Bomberman R. The game was full exciting back then, but we are keeping our fingers crossed for any additional pieces they might add in the game play. For now, the new graphics seem to be complimenting the style of play, this surely is exciting!

This is just the beginning peeps! Nintendo will eventually be back with stronger releases than its launch collection. Keep an eye on the pure Nintendo titles. The hardware will be released in the march of 2017. We can guess that all pre-orders are filled already, and you might just be lucky to get your hands on the early releases of console.