Excited about FIFA 17? It’s coming out later this September! EA Sports have given a new peek into what a story mode will look like in FIFA 17.  It’s going to be a fictional character, Alex Hunter, who is making his debut in Premier League with Manchester United.

The recently released trailer shows Alex’s life both on and off the pitch, and how he is meeting new agents, managers, and looking for the apartments.

EA Releases new FIFA 17 Trailer
EA Releases new FIFA 17 Trailer

However, several characters reappear throughout the clip of 2 minutes, as the game is set to be released on 29th September 2016.

Earlier this month, EA revealed a trailer with Chelsea’s Hazard paving his way. They also announced that the game will be powered by Frostbite engine to give real-to-life action. David Rutter, VP and Executive Producer said:

Frostbite unlocks a whole new world of possibilities for the FIFA franchise and its fans

We have never been as excited as we are today about the future of football and the experiences we are going to deliver in FIFA 17.

The trailer shows clips from different editions on FIFA, with the words:

People say football never changes. We see it differently. Football has changed.

As well as Hazard, Anthony Martial, Marco Reus and James Rodriguez feature in the clip.

On Instagram, FIFA revealed a classy trailer that showed different celebrations styles of players, and that are also going to add fun into the game. Ozil’s famous “M” sign, Klopp’s famous jump on every goal, and Manchester United’s new signing Pogba’s classy celebrations are also going to be added in the game- giving it the much-promised real-life touch.

Have your say in our comments section, what you think about the new trailer or what more you expect from EA Sports. Honestly, we can’t wait for Arsene Wenger, Mourinho, Klopp, and Pep in action in FIFA.