In the latest Overwatch PTR update, Mercy’s Resurrect was made into just a standard ability. Instead of bringing back her entire team back to life, she can now target just one who is within a range of five meters along with this there is a 30-second cool-down and she doesn’t have invulnerability while casting. However, gamers shouldn’t be disheartened as there has been something much better given to her in the new patch instead of the Resurrect Ultimate – Valkyrie.

The power gives her some extraordinary abilities and there is some extraordinary damage that she can cast upon her enemies. Valkyrie buffs all her abilities for 20 seconds and gives her a weapon with unlimited ammo that increases fire and damage in that time period. She also gets the ability to fly and under the Ana Nano Boost Ultimate, she can do some real damage.

Mercy's Valkyrie is Overpowered on Overwatch's PTR
Mercy’s Valkyrie is Overpowered on Overwatch’s PTR

After she is Nano Boosted Mercy can glide freely in the air and rip apart her enemies.

Since these are big changes that are being made in the game there will be more time required to adjust and newer strategies would be developed to make the better. For now, the changes are limited to PTR but they will soon be made in the game too.

Geoff Goodman, the main designer of the game said that the gun Mercy is using when she is using Valkyrie is very powerful for now. The thought is that it has a bit extra to be used in situations that call for it. For now using it seems as if it is the main way to use Ultimate, which shouldn’t be the case. There is a lot of tuning that would take place so the power of her gun reaches the intended strength.

For now, Mercy is the same but the changes are coming soon.