Right after the social media blew up for claiming that the Steam was offering refunds of the No Man’s Sky, regardless of the playtime, the news blew up the whole internet, until everyone who disliked the game (that are the majority), upvoted the posts, and attempted a refund.

The headline, however, was misleading the players. Valve has made it clear that there is no exception to its automatic refund policy, even on the subject of No Man’s Sky. The Valve had to drop a PSA at the No Man’s Sky store page to make sure everyone hears about it.

No Change in Refund Policy for No Man’s Sky
No Change in Refund Policy for No Man’s Sky

So basically, as their policy states, the refund would automatically take place, or their system would consider any request if “the request is made within fourteen days of purchase, and the title has been played for less than two hours”.

Since the social media blew up with this news, and the players started taking a refund of the game, Valve had to clear its stance. No Man’s Sky is not eligible for automatic funds, in which playtime is beyond two hours, and/or the request is generated after 14 days of purchase.

The concerted effort to blow up the internet had millions of upvotes on social media, how to articles on multiple platforms and some of the players showed up at the Youtube to confirm their refund- but again, this is because of some customer service appellation, and not the exemption made on a wider scale.

So far we haven’t come across a confirmed or approximate number of refunds that have been issued, and we actually might never come to know about it, but if we consider the massive launch of No Man’s Sky, the number of refunds will not be hampering the future of performance of this game- and genre.

The confusion continues, people comments keep on coming, with the major debate on how much playtime should be allowed before refund takes places, you can’t really trust the marketing, and hence you can’t really trust your imagination too.

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