Sounds cool, yeah? Hackers would get along together, except for when they shouldn’t! So the story is since each player in Watch Dogs 2 is a member of DedSec society, then each of them would be getting along together, without violent matches. Watch Dogs 2 will be featuring Bounty Hunter component that will set a real life hacker upon real life hacker.

This person-person mode will kick in as soon as a player attracts the police’s attention, and as a Bounty Hunter, you will be working with police to wipe the other player off the Earth.

Watch Dogs 2 Players Will be Able to Fight With Each Other
Watch Dogs 2 Players Will be Able to Fight With Each Other

However, the new doesn’t intend to discourage solidarity between the players, but it will pull off some of the major chase scenes – Ubisoft claims.

Bounties can be triggered two different ways: First, causing a high level of chaos can cause the resulting police chase to spill into other players’ games , giving them the opportunity to join in and help the cops chase you down. Alternately, you can start the hunt manually (using the Contacts app in protagonist Marcus Holloway’s phone) by hacking your own wanted status, which lets other players join the hunt.

You will be able to access this feature online, but you can also switch online features entirely off – if you are not an online player. The game will be launching on 15th of November, this year, and the demo video is out on Youtube. (psst, you should check it out!)

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